NŪR Golden Milk and Saffron Soap

NŪR Golden Milk and Saffron Soap


All natural artisanal hand-made soap for normal to dry skin. This soap is inspired by a common South Asian tradition of lathering a young bride with a turmeric/milk/honey paste from head-to-toe before her wedding day to achieve the “healthy bridal glow.” Now, decades later, we learn about the benefits of these ingredients on the skin - the lactic acid in milk which acts as a smoothing exfoliant, the honey which has natural anti-bacterial/anti-viral properties, and the turmeric, which calms inflammation and irritation, all make for a power concoction of conditioning and soothing ingredients for normal/dry skin. The saffron is a nice added touch, providing a soft, flowery aroma. Great for face and body.

Goat’s milk, coconut oil, tumeric, orange blossom oil, saffron oil, saffron strands

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