NŪR Skincare is a transformative, highly results oriented approach to treating skin by creating a synergy between advanced scientific skincare and the latest technologies using a natural, holistic approach.

Our method is based on an architecturally designed, multi-layered strategy of using multiple technologies within the same session in order to optimize the skin’s texture and tone, resulting in a transformation of the skin at the cellular level. The transformative changes to the skin are permanent, and, depending on the treatment, create drastic changes from the epidermis all the way to mid-dermis. After the prescribed number of treatments, clients will generally only need treatments in order to maintain their results.

Through this layering of various technologies and treatments, our goal is to accelerate the skin’s natural cell turnover rate drastically. As we are continuously resurfacing the skin and forcing new skin to regenerate in its place, the client sees visually dramatic changes in the tone and texture. Fine lines are diminished, collagen production increases, hyper-pigmentation is reduced, and conditions such as cystic acne cleared.

While we rely heavily on the latest scientific methods and the most advanced technology, we have a largely holistic approach to skincare. We believe strongly in the inter-connectivity of the body and all its organs, and that skin is no different. We advocate and will advise on healthy eating and living styles in order to achieve healthy skin. Many of our consultations will result in referrals to acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors, and other health practitioners within our vast network in order for the client to start on a regimen of complete healthcare and this approach allows the body’s largest organ, the skin, to work more efficiently.

We love using all natural products whenever we can, but will sometimes opt for the most natural products we can use with active, functional ingredients designed to create the most change. We use growth factors and human stem cells as part of most all of our treatments as they have been proven to facilitate the cell turnover rate better than virtually any other treatment.