Anisa, Nur Skincare

Many of our testimonials are copied from our YELP page. We do not pay our clients to write testimonials and we never offer free or discounted services in exchange for them. We just make sure we do a good job of satisfying our clients.

Maria I.
I felt like I was in heaven for the duration of my visit to this wonderful place. The space is beautiful. You feel like a new person once you leave here. The facials are just amazing!

Yasmeen P.
Definitely not your typical facial. This is skin rehabilitation and skin rejuvenation. Anisa is passionate about her service, technique and technology. I wouldn’t go anywhere else again. There is a noticeable difference after 1 session, but the real results come after 4. This is the real thing!

Ashley P.
What an amazing experience! I really enjoyed my 12 step process facial and she explained every treatment and procedure. I have no complaints and can’t rate my experience high enough!

Amber R.
Really enjoyed my experience here! I’ve been looking for a facility that offers facials with a result-driven outcome…definitely wasn’t interested in a generic spa. I received the micro-needling treatment with Anisa. She began the facial with a cleanse followed by light extractions & micro-dermabrasion. Then, she applied a numbing cream…I waited about 20 min for the cream to permeate. It only took about 5 min for her to apply the serum and go over my entire face with the micro-needling device. Anisa completed the facial by applying finishing cream.

The day following the treatment, I had some redness. Mostly small, red dots on my forehead… Nothing too harsh or noticeable. It’s been a couple of days and the redness is sub-sighting. I’ve noticed that my skin is no longer dull… It feels very soft & looks smooth. I love!! I’ll be back for my 12-step facial.

Marie C.
Wow I was absolutely blown away by this beautiful space and treatment. I am religious when it comes to my skin… Being korean I have always religiously done monthly facials, body scrubs and spend thousands of dollars on skincare products.

After one full body peel and facial I am hooked! I have been telling all of my girlfriends and sisters to book a session with Anisa ASAP! I am so excited to get my skin glowing for summer!!!

Thank you Anisa for your amazing treatments and passion for beautiful skin like me!!! Love!!!

Kat A.
Aeonium and Anisa are seriously the *best* thing you can do for your skin. Over the years I’ve been to countless dermatologists, other facialists, tried products recommended to me at Sephora etc but just never got results. But after coming here I’m so happy with where my skin is at now. Anisa really gets to know you and your skin, and truly cares about both! If you are tired of not getting the results you want, definitely come here. You won’t regret it.

Elsa W.
This is the place to go if you need help with your skin. I’ve been to numerous dermatologists, doctors and specialists before but without results. But already after my first treatment here I saw a difference I my skin. I’ve only been on a few treatments yet, but my skin has dramatically changed. It has changed because of the products used and the treatment itself but also because she took the time to actually figure out my skin and my problem so I could get the best treatment for my skin. She listens to your concerns and truly wants to help, which you will notice as soon as you meet her..  She has a passion for her work and for her clients wellbeing which resulted for me in a clear skin for the first time in years.. I recommend this place to everyone who has struggled with bad skin and wants to end it once and for all..

Jinae K.
I really liked the 12-step facial treatment Anisa gave me.  My face looked radiant after it was done with the peeling.  Unfortunately, I’m going through a weird hormonal acne stage, and I’ve gotten more blemishes and scars since then.  It’s probably time to call Anisa for another treatment!

Melissa C.
I usually don’t write more than one review, but in this case, my conscience literally depends on it. I came in for another treatment today with a face looking not so unlike something you’d see in Mordor due to a lack of sh*t-giving these past few months. That said, not only did Anisa restore my skin, but my spirit and self-worth as well.

Because unlike other skincare clinics where you walk in and out with a new face (and even that’s not always the case), at Aeonium you also walk out with a new friend. Anisa actually takes time to talk to you and get to know you, which only adds credence to the “integrative” part of her treatment. She emphasizes the kind and unconditional relationship you must have with yourself for a healthy and enviable complexion, and will tell you if she sees that you’re “letting yourself go.” And just when I didn’t think it could get any better, she goes and gives me a cream to help with my recovery at no charge. I mean, who does that? Anisa, that’s who!

And I hope she’s all right with me posting this, but Anisa is also a doting mother of a lively toddler, so if there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about managing stress while doing meaningful work AND looking like something off the cover of Elle, it’s her. Thank you, Anisa 🙂

Sabrina L.
Anisa is amazing! I got an Aeonium Gilt deal and decided to get my first peel. I had an amazing experience and great results. At first I was hesitant because facials tend to irritate my skin and give me more breakouts. I had my facial/peel done in February and after the peel and my face had time to recover, I had amazing results. Acne scars were reduced, pores less visible, etc. I would highly recommend Anisa and would definitely go back. The full price without the Gilt deal has thrown me off a little because I’m a grad student, but I think for others it should be reasonable. I would definitely come back once I start working full-time!

Rozy S.
I loved my facial. Anisa was very kind and patient. She explained step by step in detail what she was doing during my facial. I will go back and see her again.

Melissa C.
When it comes to skincare, I believe the person giving the treatment is just as, if not more, important than the treatment itself. That said, Anisa passes with flying colors. Her patient and gentle disposition make it easy for you to feel comfortable, and the care and conviction she has towards her work is evident in the detailed and deliberate way with which she executes it. She really takes time to listen to your concerns and offer sage advice on how best to address them both during the treatment and as part of your daily skincare regime. I know others would benefit greatly from Anisa’s practice, no matter what their epidermal woes.

Finley C.
Incredible experience at Aeonium! I have had just about every facial there is & this was top notch. It was customized to my skin & incorporated all of the high end facials into one treatment. Highly highly recommend Aeonium!!!

Natalie U.
Anisa is amazing. I’ve been practically everywhere in LA for facials, peels and/or microdermabrasion treatments. I’ve never had such positive comments about my face nor have I ever had such long-lasting results as I had with her treatment. [I’ve been once with a Gilt City voucher and now 4 weeks later just made my second appointment. My face has been clear, soft, pimple-free, hydrated, balanced and even since I left their beautiful office last month!] There was a little peeling but within about 4 days my skin looked incredible. I’m so glad I discovered Aeonium and can’t recommend their treatments enough.

Amjad A.
let me preface this by saying hat the closest thing I’ve ever come to a facial treatment was in a village in Pakistan. In hind sight that tingling feeling i felt afterwards was either the rickshaw smoke that hit my face as soon as i walked out or the mystery chemicals she rubbed into my skin minutes before…or the chemical reaction created by both. i fancy myself a reasonably good looking man (on my humble days), metrosexual, stylish  and urbane.
I can only explain my absence from the world of beauty and skin care with an deep seated doubt of the industry itself.  As a physician I have an inherent suspicion and perhaps even a loathing of what I consider mostly Charlatan’s (my dermatology professor’s rants still ring in my ears).  But Anisa it seems has worked hard to distance herself from these types and in the process has won my trust.  Any “unease” that lingered was erased by her bedside manner and a space so gorgeous that it could almost serve as it’s own destination.  I forgot to ask her who the designer was.  Looking to transform some of my own clinics.
In closing I must confess that I too am insecure lol.  As the cacophony of the jaw dropped exclamations of “NO WAY ARE YOU TURNING 50 this year” started to diminish I won’t deny that it was starting to take it’s toll.  I don’t expect anyone to believe me when i say that there’s been a sharp increase in praise since. Thank you Anisa for turning me on (albeit cautiously) to the world of scientific skin care.  just thinking about the places i would have floundered, the short  changed promises and the panaceas that would have never panned out…is enough to make my skin peel lol. See you soon!!

Jenn F.
Anisa and the treatment at  Aeonium is fabulous. She applied extremely wonderful product throughout the treatment, explained in detail everything she was doing, and was extremely detail oriented. I left absolutely glowing and can’t wait to go back for my next treatment! I highly recommend ~ beyond 5 stars.

Valeria D.
I LOVED the facial I had done by Anisa! She’s very knowledgable, she explains everything she’s doing to you and let’s you know what type of products she’s applying on your skin (very high quality products, by the way). My skin looks soooo much better after the treatment. Definitely going back!

Windy W.
I love the treatment Anisa provides.  She gives a treatment custom tailored to your needs.  It’s not about a treatment as much as your skin health.  Healthy skin = young and beautiful looking skin.  Just one look at her and you know she knows what she’s doing!  She takes very delicate care of you and really listen to your needs.  This extends to beyond just during the session.  She has emailed me multiple times to check up and also was willing to see me aside from the session to make sure I’m getting the right treatment.  Can’t beat that TLC anywhere else!

Jean P.
Aeonium is very special……I would highly recommend this skin care clinic. Unlike most places one would go for a facial treatment, at Aeonium you walk into a small
waiting room where you push a button to alert the skin care specialist of your arrival. You are greeted and led to a beautiful, private, intimate room, very zen-like and calming. After a comprehensive skin care analysis, you enjoy a 90 minute treatment and leave feeling completely revitalized. I signed up for a series of 3 facial and body treatments and my skin looks fantastic!  It’s rare to find a place where you can enjoy the experience, trust the skin care specialist and really see results. At Aeonium, you
have the wonderful pampering feeling of a top notch spa, while getting the professional result driven skin care of a Medi Spa.

Natasha N.
I’m very careful to choose a skincare professional and i’m supper happy i found someone i can really trust my skin to! Anisa is very knowledgeable, detailed, precise and careful with every procedure she does. I had a standard full body treatment done. At the beginning of the service, Anisa did a consultation and explained the  condition of my skin and what she could do to help it. During the service she continued to explain every step she was doing and the products she was using.
It’s so rare nowadays to find a place where all components makes your experience relaxing, calm and enjoyable. Anisa is amazing at what she does! She also shared with me her chemistry background, and how careful she chooses product line to work with.
Besides the service i would like to mention how beautiful the design of Aeonium Clinic is! it’s gorgeous, unique and thought through for comfort and functionality.
I would highly recommend Anisa! you will get a truly professional, personal and detailed service

Kathy L.
I would recommend Aeonium to anyone looking for an incredible full body treatment that is both luxurious and results driven. I have always been apprehensive about peels and the owner, Anisa, took my concerns into consideration and made me feel so comfortable. She explained each step and I’m so glad because my skin never looked better. Anisa is incredibly knowledgeable and was able to create a program customized just for me and my skincare goals. I will be back for sure!