NŪR Skincare, a Revolutionary, High-Tech Skin Oasis Opens in Chicago

One of the most exciting things to happen to skincare in Chicago is the launch of nurskincare. a transformative, high-tech experience that is truly results driven.

Owner Anisa Noor has spent the last 10 years in LA developing her concept at the first location and now Chicagoans can experience skin treatments that offer permanent changes to the skin—backed by science. “At NŪR, our approach to skincare is based on creating permanent structural changes to the skin through a highly strategized process that addresses the client’s specific skincare needs. We incorporate various hi-tech methods of simultaneously forcing the skin to regenerate while giving the skin the high-performance ingredients it needs to do so”.….. READ MORE

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Microdermabrasion for your bum? At her new skin clinic, Anisa Noor's got you covered

The Emmys are just days away and already your face has been moisturized, exfoliated and buffed to a red-carpet-ready sheen — but what about the rest of your skin? Look no further than Los Angeles' Aeonium Integrative Skincare Clinic, the brainchild of Anisa Noor former skincare chemist, private-label consultant and prodigy of New York City's tech-savvy Dangene, beauty guru to stars like Madonna and Heidi Klum. Taking her background in chemical engineering and combining it with her studies of state-of-the-art skincare technology under Dangene, Noor opened the doors to the Aeonium Integrative Skincare Clinic this spring, a one-stop beauty shop for head-to-toe glow that's quickly earning the adoration of a tight-lipped crew of A-listers.….. READ MORE

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A High-Tech Spa with a 12-Step Facial Comes to Ravenswood

Anisa Noor, a former skincare chemist, has opened NUR Skincare spa in Ravenswood (4809 N. Ravenswood Ave.,

With a design inspired by Sufi architecture, the clinic has an on-site “formulations lab” where Noor whips up homeopathic skincare products. But things take a high-tech turn in the treatment rooms. Services include a skin analysis that employs UV photography and imaging technology to break down conditions such as inflammation and spider veins; other treatments include hyfrecation, which uses an electrosurgical device to destroy abnormal skin tissue. The signature service is the 12-Step High Tech Facial, which exfoliates the skin using mechanical and chemical techniques, then infuses it with 200 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes.….. READ MORE

 Anisa, LA Confidential

Three Brands Join Forces for III Luxury Collective; New Jimmy Choos


Not only is Aeonium the coolest-looking spa in LA, it’s also one of the city’s best-kept skincare secrets. Founder Anisa Noor, who trained under the renowned Dangene in New York, recently introduced a new express, hour-long service for the face only (her signature treatment is head-to-toe). Expect 12 steps of purification—from microdermabrasion and a peel to LED-light therapy and lymphatic drainage... READ MORE

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True tales of a chemical peel virgin

When it comes to spa treatments, I’m pretty game to try most things. Laser hair removal? Sure. Paraffin dips? Why not?

Chemical peels and microdermabrasion, however, are in a whole other realm that I’ve been hesitant to explore. And who could blame me? Anyone who’s ever seen the episode of Sex and the City in which Samantha’s face winds up looking like raw meat run over lives with a healthy dose of fear surrounding the procedures. After hearing about the 12-Step High-Tech facial at Nūr Skincare, however — a treatment combining a peel, microdermabrasion, hydrafacial, oxygen treatment, light therapy and more created by founder and chemical engineer Anisa Noor based on layering techniques she learned from mentor and esthetician to the stars, Dangene - I knew I had to give it a go.….. READ MORE