Anisa Noor founder / Esthetician

NŪR Skincare is a passion project. It began when founder Anisa Noor was just a teen and figured out how to make lotions, scrubs, and other basic skincare supplies and handed them out to friends and family. Soon afterward, she began formulating using complex methods and incorporating various ingredients for specific skin conditions.

Anisa went on to become a Chemical Engineer and as a consultant, worked with various big healthcare and skincare brands to create large-scale processes for her clients.

Shortly after the great recession of 2008, Anisa moved with her husband from Chicago to Los Angeles for his business. While looking for work in her field and freelancing as a skincare formulations consultant, Anisa stumbled into the aesthetic side of skincare. She met her mentor, Dangene, a woman who has become known as a pioneer in the aesthetic skincare industry in both Los Angeles and New York. Dangene invited Anisa to her clinic in New York and while there, Anisa was fascinated at the results that Dangene’s clients had and the way that she was able to transform her clients’ skin using the latest in aesthetic skincare technology. While Anisa had worked for years in the skincare industry, she was on the back end and knew nothing of the strides made by the front end – the aesthetic side – and as a result wanted to know more.

Anisa spent a summer working with Dangene where she learned all the ropes of the aesthetic skincare industry using the most advanced methods and protocols. Anisa immediately realized what she could add to the mix by combining her 15+ years of experience in skincare formulations and her extensive knowledge of scientific skincare R&D to the aesthetic side. She returned to Los Angeles and acquired her esthetician’s license and set out to create Aeonium Skincare, which later became NŪR Skincare.

Anisa’s philosophy departs from Dangene’s in one important way – using a holistic approach to skincare while still incorporating science and technology. In other words, while Anisa’s approach is clinical, results based, and scientific, she views the skin as part of the whole body, which is all connected to a person’s diet and lifestyle.

She routinely works with holistic healthcare providers such as naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, and other health practitioners in order to provide her clients with a complete (inside and out) guide to healthy skin.

Eventually, Anisa wants to turn the clinic into a wellness center, offering not only the hi-tech skin treatments, but also a meditation room, educational and cooking classes to support healthy eating and lifestyle tips, a whole-foods café, and a kids’ corner for parents and their children to enjoy their day together.

Anisa is currently working on researching and developing her own formulations using pro and anti microbials to heal various skin conditions.


Erum Qureshi APRN

Originally a New Yorker, Erum now lives with her family in Chicago and has over eight years of experience in renowned hospitals throughout Houston and Chicago.

She acquired her B.S. in nursing from Loyola University and her doctorate in advanced nursing practice from Rush University in Chicago. She is passionate about integrating health and healing within her practice using a whole body approach to all demographics. She believes in the healing powers of mindfulness and gratitude on the body and incorporates these in her practice in a wholesome and compassionate manner.

In her spare time, Erum volunteers at multiple organizations including Taleef, IMAN, and Imana. She loves to travel and explore the diversity of cultures and landscapes throughout the world. 


Aya Kimura-QUAN Esthetician

Aya’s love for skincare started early on. At the age or four, she enthusiastically assisted her mother by “gently” removing her makeup, using tissues and cold cream before bed. By the time she was in high school, she was advising her peers on how to formulate a skincare regime on a drugstore budget while shaping their eyebrows at parties.

Aya turned her passion into a career after acquiring her esthetician license in 2003. She immersed herself in all facets of the skincare industry - ranging from consultation at medical and day spas, to skincare packaging, marketing and retail. She has deepened the enthusiasm and dedication to service each client with a wealth of knowledge and customize each treatment to achieve unparalleled results.

Ideologically in synch with the philosophy of NŪR Skincare, Aya is elated to join the team to carry out their mission of combining a holistic approach and using the latest technology to facilitate the skin to heal and repair itself.

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Terrill Manuele is a licensed acupuncturist with over 33 years of experience in his field. He graduated from the Midwest Center for the Study of Oriental Medicine and began researching and adding various treatments to supplement his practice in order for his clients to reduce stress levels and to achieve an overall sense of well-being. His focus has been to help address the mental and emotional aspects of health and healing.

Since 2003, he learned the acupuncture facial rejuvenation methods taught by Virginia Doran and Martha Lucas after learning about the multitude of benefits that acupuncture in the face can have on the various skin conditions as well as overall health of his clients. He began incorporating facial acupuncture into his practice and immediately saw amazing results such as increased collagen production, increased blood flow, diminishing of fine lines and  wrinkles, and an overall lifting effect as well as other positive benefits to the whole body, other areas of expertise include QiGong, muscle testing, and the use of Bach Flower Essences.


Dara kraklio esthetician

Dara developed her love for skincare at a young age when she began experiencing acne herself. She started to research and learn about the causes and treatments for acne and was fascinated as she delved deeper into the science and study of skin. When she went to college, she began studying psychology but then shifted gears and decided to attend Tricoci Univeristy of Beauty Culture to study Esthetics.

She has been working as a licensed esthetician for two years and joined the NŪR Skincare team in Chicago shortly after its opening. She hopes to help people attain healthy and clear skin as she remembers so intimately the pain and suffering she endured psychologically when she ran into her own skin problems.

With each day working she feels her passion for this industry growing. In her free time she loves to paint, take photos, freelance as a makeup artist, attend concerts, and explore new places with friends and loved ones. 



June is an experienced esthetician who has been working in the spa industry for several years at high-end spas where she performed relaxing facials and massages. When she learned about NŪR Skincare and its unique philosophy on results-based skincare using a holistic approach, she immediately became interested and felt that her passion for skincare can best be utilized in a setting where she is helping people achieve their skincare objectives in a strategic manner while developing individual relationships and learning cutting edge techniques. While her approach to skincare has always been more natural leaning, she is excited to learn how to incorporate technology and wellness into her methodology. June is Thai-American and her interest in combining Eastern and Western philosophies stems in part from her Eastern heritage. She currently lives in W. Chicago with her husband and fur babies.



A senior from Evanston Township High School, Grace serves as an assistant at NŪR Skincare. From meticulously analyzing client photos to writing and posting blogs, Grace is learning the skills and work ethic needed in the professional world. Grace is a dedicated student, balancing rigorous courses with extracurricular interests. Having found a passion in STEM courses, she hopes to pursue a career in a STEM field. Grace’s other school interests include creative writing and reading, which stand as hobbies in and out of school. From an early age, Grace has been passionate about leadership and community service. She spends much of her time at soup kitchens, clothing and food drives, and park clean ups.

Grace is also a passionate world traveler, having done service in Peru and traveled to Europe to study language. During her free time, Grace can be found baking, listening to music, watching movies, or spending time with family and friends.