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Formulated by a Chemical Engineer and licensed esthetician, this antimicrobial power cocktail is designed for use as an everyday serum for blemish prone skin. Steering away from the traditional method of combating blemished skin through the use of harsh, drying acids and antibiotics, the NUR Control & Correct serum preserves the skin’s ecosystem by boosting the cellular synthesis of natural antibiotics and by inhibiting the production of bad bacteria present in acne prone skin, thus clearing the skin using a more natural, sustainable method for everyday use without over-drying.

Through the use of enzymes harvested from ocean bacteria and peptides produced through microbial fermentation, the NUR Control & Correct has natural antibacterial properties and contains bioactive molecules enclosed in tiny packages of fat (liposomes) to help deliver high performance ingredients deep into the layers of skin.

Additionally, our Control & Correct serum packs a power punch to address all of the concerns of blemish prone skin – it uses DNA repair technology to rebuild damaged skin cells while reducing redness, irritation, and inflammation commonly associated with blemish prone skin. It also promotes sun damage protection and repair, reduces blackheads, minimizing pore size and clogging. It brightens blemish marks, prevents bacterial proliferation, and has tremendous moisturizing capability. Our patented formula is designed to effectively deliver a host of antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids to assist the skin in healing itself... shop for products here

 Nur Skincare


NŪR is a transformative, highly results oriented approach to treating skin by creating a synergy between advanced scientific skincare and the latest technologies using a natural, holistic approach. Our method is based on an architecturally designed, multi-layered strategy of using multiple technologies within the same session in order to optimize the skin’s texture and tone, resulting in a transformation of the skin at the cellular level. The transformative changes to the skin are permanent, and, depending on the treatment, create drastic changes from the epidermis all the way to mid-dermis. After the prescribed number of treatments, clients will generally only need treatments in order to maintain their results... more on our philosophy