Anisa Noor founder / Esthetician

NŪR Skincare is a passion project. It began when founder Anisa Noor was just a teen and figured out how to make lotions, scrubs, and other basic skincare supplies and handed them out to friends and family. Soon afterward, she began formulating using complex methods and incorporating various ingredients for specific skin conditions.

Anisa went on to become a Chemical Engineer and as a consultant, worked with various big healthcare and skincare brands to create large-scale processes for her clients.

Shortly after the great recession of 2008, Anisa moved with her husband from Chicago to Los Angeles for his business. While looking for work in her field and freelancing as a skincare formulations consultant, Anisa stumbled into the aesthetic side of skincare. She met her mentor, Dangene, a woman who has become known as a pioneer in the aesthetic skincare industry in both Los Angeles and New York. Dangene invited Anisa to her clinic in New York and while there, Anisa was fascinated at the results that Dangene’s clients had and the way that she was able to transform her clients’ skin using the latest in aesthetic skincare technology. While Anisa had worked for years in the skincare industry, she was on the back end and knew nothing of the strides made by the front end – the aesthetic side – and as a result wanted to know more.

Anisa spent a summer working with Dangene where she learned all the ropes of the aesthetic skincare industry using the most advanced methods and protocols. Anisa immediately realized what she could add to the mix by combining her 15+ years of experience in skincare formulations and her extensive knowledge of scientific skincare R&D to the aesthetic side. She returned to Los Angeles and acquired her esthetician’s license and set out to create Aeonium Skincare, which later became NŪR Skincare.

Anisa’s philosophy departs from Dangene’s in one important way – using a holistic approach to skincare while still incorporating science and technology. In other words, while Anisa’s approach is clinical, results based, and scientific, she views the skin as part of the whole body, which is all connected to a person’s diet and lifestyle.

She routinely works with holistic healthcare providers such as naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, and other health practitioners in order to provide her clients with a complete (inside and out) guide to healthy skin.

Eventually, Anisa wants to turn the clinic into a wellness center, offering not only the hi-tech skin treatments, but also a meditation room, educational and cooking classes to support healthy eating and lifestyle tips, a whole-foods café, and a kids’ corner for parents and their children to enjoy their day together.

Anisa is currently working on researching and developing her own formulations using pro and anti microbials to heal various skin conditions.