Many of our testimonials are copied from GOOGLE reviews and our YELP pages. We do not pay our clients to write testimonials and we never offer free or discounted services in exchange for them. We just make sure we do a good job of satisfying our clients.

I absolutely and highly recommend this office to everyone and anyone. First time ever having such a thorough exam and facial. I was educated on everything that was and the importance of it. My skin feels AMAZING! Great pricing and beautiful clean office. Felt super relaxing being there from beginning to end. Free parking and easy access to it was a bonus! Definitely going back!
This place is passionate about skin and it shows! Such a cool interior and relaxing environment. Dara and June did such a great job and they’re both so kind. Came in with cystic acne and my skin is much softer, less red, and smoother. Everyone here is very knowledgeable about what they’re doing and care about your skin’s health.
— Lindsey: YELP Chicago
I came into NUR so excited for my first facial! I’ve never had one before this session so I didn’t know what to really expect. I was just very much intrigued by how they have combined the latest technologies with a natural and holistic approach to their practices which in turn are suppose to produce highly advanced skin care results!
As soon as I arrived I was immediately greeted with a warm welcome by Anisa and Dara.
The ambiance of the place was so tranquil and the designs throughout the space were mesmerizing. Every single detail was curated so beautifully which added to the whole experience encompassing the NUR philosophy! I was a tad nervous with it being my first time and all, but as soon they explained to me the 12 step high-tech facial and the benefits each step of the process entailed I felt completely comfortable and relaxed knowing I could trust them with my skincare needs. Anisa (the beauty and brains behind NUR) tailored the 12 step process to my skin and was so informative throughout my whole session. Dara who assisted in the treatment was very detail oriented and made sure I was comfortable as well. I am so happy I was able to scheduled an appointment with them because my skin has never felt this nourished and rejuvenated until now. My skin felt softer and looked clearer than how it did prior to my arrival. I would absolutely go back for another treatment and 100% recommend their 12 step high-tech facial!!
Thank you so much Anisa & Dara for making my experience great!!
— Danielle: YELP Chicago
Anisa has a healing and gentle touch to match her benevolent voice and wholesome knowledge, as she talked me through each of the 12 Step Hi-Tech facial. I have never had any kind of facial treatment (asides from natural masks/scrubs that I do myself at home), and so this was definitely out of my comfort zone. I went bc my forehead had broken out into a disarray of cystic acne terribleness (due to what I think was extreme stress related to work)!! After the 1st treatment, my skin was really tender and sore- and the skin went through it’s renewal/regenerating process, exactly as the post-treatment pamphlet (she gives you at the end of the treatment) said it would. E.X.A.C.T.L.Y.
After the 1st treatment, the acne breakout was reduced by about 50%. I knew one treatment was not going to make it miraculously disappear. The fact that my skin felt tighter and more supple and renewed made my know that my skin was getting a reset and a jump start.
Anisa followed-up with me during my post treatment, and when I told her how sensitive my skin felt after that treatment, she adjusted the steps on my 2nd treatment so that sensitivity would be alleviated the 2nd time around. I received my 2nd treatment just over 2 weeks after the 1st one. And sure enough, my skin didn’t peel as much and was not sensitive to the touch the 2nd time around. I didn’t have time to do a 3rd follow-up 2 weeks after that, so I just kept washing my face and using a cream I bought there. And now, as I write this review, my forehead has not only cleared up like 95%, but my entire face feels rejuvenated/restored. I plan to do this treatment for maintenance and self-care at least once a year (and more if I didn’t have 2 kids and other financial concerns)!!
I HIGHLY recommend NUR if you are looking to reignite your skin’s ability to detoxify and to protect and to radiate!!
PS- And ditto on what everyone else said about the space. It indeed, feels like a sanctuary for rejuvenation!! The details and the design of the woodwork is phenomenal.
I’m a 45 year old male. I have always had mediocre skin - past acne scarring, age spots, keratosis pilaris, dry skin, stretchmarks. But I have never been to an esthetician. I had believed that these procedures were just expensive treatments that women paid for to feel better about themselves, but did not do much in terms of improvement.
At the prodding of a friend, I went to NUR Skincare. I was absolutely blown away by the results.
First, let me describe what I got. I received the 12 step Hi-Tech Facial. This included TCA peels, microdermabrasian, enzymes, vitamins, oxygen, serums and red light therapy.
I also had electrosurgery (not as scary as it sounds) using a hyfrecator which zapped dark spots on my face (that scabbed and fell off days later).
Lastly, I had the keratosis pilaris on my upper arms treated with chemical peels and microdermabrasian.
With all this being new to me, I asked a ton of questions. Anisa proved to be incredibly knowledgeable and talented. As a business owner in the health industry, I was impressed that the modalities she practiced are supported by science, technology and real results.
After only my second treatment with NŪR Skincare I saw very clear, very obvious improvements in my skin texture and pigment. I continue to go for maintenance every other month. My skin has NEVER LOOKED SO DAMN GOOD.
When my best friend saw my results, she was so impressed with my post treatment appearance that she booked an appointment immediately.
If you are thinking about going to NUR Skincare, do not hesitate. BOOK NOW. You will not be disappointed.
— Om: YELP Chicago
My experience with NUR has been wonderful! I have aging skin and the stem cell treatment left my face and neck plump, soft, even toned and noticeably years younger. The space is relaxing. The staff is knowledgeable and caring. NUR is the best in natural skin care.
— Toni: YELP Chicago
I decided to go to NUR after seeing the amazing results my mom experienced after just one session. She gets facials on pretty regular basis and I have never seen her skin look as good as it did following her appointment at NUR. Being new to this type of facial, Anisa walked me through each step in the process, explaining the what and the why. My skin was glowing by the time I walked out and I loved it so much I booked my next appointment right away. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a results focused facial.
— Brooke: YELP Chicago
Anisa is hands down the best esthetician in Los Angeles! I have struggled with acne since I was a teenager and have literally tried every treatment and product under the sun and rarely saw any improvement. I have been going to Anisa for over a year now and my skin has never been better. I honestly feel like nothing compares to Anisa’s 12 step facial treatments. She has helped transform my skin and I am forever grateful for her dedication and hard work. If you struggle with breakouts, acne, clogged pores then look no further... she is the one to see!
— Taylor: YELP LA
This is one of the most comprehensive facials I’ve ever experienced - it’s beyond any superficial spa facial. I have extremely sensitive skin and Aya took the time to understand my concerns and welcomed all my questions. She’s so attentive to detail and even sanitized my glasses to make sure my face doesn’t get irritated after our session! My face can’t wait until the next visit for more dosages of goodness.
Wow I was absolutely blown away by this beautiful space and treatment. I am religious when it comes to my skin… Being korean I have always religiously done monthly facials, body scrubs and spend thousands of dollars on skincare products. After one full body peel and facial I am hooked! I have been telling all of my girlfriends and sisters to book a session with Anisa ASAP! I am so excited to get my skin glowing for summer!!! Thank you Anisa for your amazing treatments and passion for beautiful skin like me!!! Love!!!
— Marie: YELP LA
I LOVED the facial I had done by Anisa! She’s very knowledgable, she explains everything she’s doing to you and let’s you know what type of products she’s applying on your skin (very high quality products, by the way). My skin looks soooo much better after the treatment. Definitely going back!
— Valeria: YELP LA
I honestly don’t know where to start (or how to stop) gushing...Anisa is simply incredible. She is a genius at her craft, and one of the warmest, kindest people I have come to know. She brings a level of warmth and attention to her patient/client care that I have rarely seen. Then, she puts that together with high-end technology, an impeccably clean, inviting, beautiful environment, an innovative approach to skin care, undeniable results, and you have yourself something REALLY special and rare. Thank you, Anisa, for resetting my skin and getting me to a makeup-free state—I never thought it would be possible! Chicago is lucky to have you and NUR skincare :)
— Iman: GOOGLE
I went to Nur skincare last week for their signature hydrafacial. First of all, the interior is awesome! The best in all the salons/spas I have been to. I loved it!!
Anisa is very informative and very helpful. She explained to me every step of the way what she was doing and why.
I had an amazing one hour during the facial. I have extremely sensitive skin and developed some stinging next day due to the dryness. I told Anisa and she told me that it is perfectly normal to have that but still she called me in for a follow up and gave me some calming hyperbaric oxygen treatment and Blue light therapy (without any additional charge). That made a huge difference and sped up the healing process.
Now after a week, my new skin has surfaced and is very smooth. I love the results.
— Rafia: YELP Chicago
What should I start? This place is AMAZING!! I don’t like to take time for the review in general. But for NuR skincare is a must. I tried out their signature hi-tech facial with Anisa and her staff. The result is wonderful . it doesn’t like the regular facial that gave you only relaxing. They are more focus on the best result that what you concern or ur goals. You do need to find a resting days for your skin after treatment for a few days but after that Whoa!! My new skin is coming up brighter and tighter. I am SO happy with the result plus the moisturizer smells like candy lol but keeps my dry skin hydrated in Chicago crazy weather. Did I mention about how the place is so beautiful designed? Highly recommended!!
— Ashley: YELP Chicago
This place is amazing! Im a 28 year old male and I’ve had 2 facials before but never anything that actually helped. My problem is my forehead and it just got to a point where my wife made me go here with her. Anisa was really helpful and accommodating and gave me a reccomendation for a face wash which is now my favorite. The best part was on my last 2 facials were 1 hour but they always are really about 35 min and rushed. Anisa spent a good 1.5 hours on me just because she wanted to get everything and let me tell you, she really did get everything. It was disgusting haha. Definitely recommend and will come again. Thank you Anisa!
— Bassam: YELP Chicago
This place has such a lovely atmosphere- so beautiful, smells amazing and just made me feel so relaxed and calm!
I got the 12-step high tech facial and would definitely recommend it! I have very acne-prone skin and felt this was a major step in the right direction in terms of healing and preventing future breakouts. I asked many questions and was so grateful for them taking the time to help me understand my skin and how to better take care of it. I wish I could do all of their treatments!
— Bethany: GOOGLE
This facial was unlike any other I’ve experienced. Crazy hi-tech equipment with precise technique and customized application. I can’t pretend to know the science behind this facial but Anisa took the time to explain her craft — from method and process to technique. It was impressive. It was also incredibly relaxing and soothing, both the treatment and the gorgeous space. I particularly loved the recessed, custom-made flower design right at the line of sight above the spa bed... perfect for zoning out while receiving caring attention. So glad NUR Skincare is in Chicago!
— S: YELP Chicago
First of all, I have to mention that the place is GORGEOUS, in terms of design and detail!! My son had an appointment with Anisa to help remedy his teenage skin challenges. The amount of time and attention he was given was above and beyond! I could tell she genuinely cares to help people and was extremely thorough throughout the service. She explained everything she was going to do and prepared him for what would come of it. He will continue to see her for a series of 6 treatments. He’s looking forward to his return and is feeling great! I will review again to comment on the results after the treatments are concluded! Thank you, Anisa!!! I’m next!!!
— Nariman: YELP Chicago
I’ve been going to Anisa for years now. I cannot go anywhere else for my facials anymore because the value and service she provides is exceptional. Before going to her, I had horrible skin and bad acne scars. Ever since I’ve gotten her Signature facials and the micro-needling procedures, my skin has completely changed. The structure of my skin has evolved and is much cleaner and healthier looking. I have gotten to the point where I can go out in public without wearing make-up and feeling comfortable. Seeing the before and after photos after the facials and procedures also confirmed the results. After your first facial, you may feel your skin is a little raw and overwhelmed by all the procedures, but trust me it is worth it and she knows what she is doing. This review has long been overdue but she definitely deserves the credit for what she provides.
— Chloe: YELP LA
When it comes to skincare, I believe the person giving the treatment is just as, if not more, important than the treatment itself. That said, Anisa passes with flying colors. Her patient and gentle disposition make it easy for you to feel comfortable, and the care and conviction she has towards her work is evident in the detailed and deliberate way with which she executes it. She really takes time to listen to your concerns and offer sage advice on how best to address them both during the treatment and as part of your daily skincare regime. I know others would benefit greatly from Anisa’s practice, no matter what their epidermal woes.
— Melissa: YELP LA
This is the place to go if you need help with your skin. I’ve been to numerous dermatologists, doctors and specialists before but without results. But already after my first treatment here I saw a difference I my skin. I’ve only been on a few treatments yet, but my skin has dramatically changed. It has changed because of the products used and the treatment itself but also because she took the time to actually figure out my skin and my problem so I could get the best treatment for my skin. She listens to your concerns and truly wants to help, which you will notice as soon as you meet her.. She has a passion for her work and for her clients wellbeing which resulted for me in a clear skin for the first time in years.. I recommend this place to everyone who has struggled with bad skin and wants to end it once and for all.
— Elsa: YELP LA
I love the treatment Anisa provides. She gives a treatment custom tailored to your needs. It’s not about a treatment as much as your skin health. Healthy skin = young and beautiful looking skin. Just one look at her and you know she knows what she’s doing! She takes very delicate care of you and really listen to your needs. This extends to beyond just during the session. She has emailed me multiple times to check up and also was willing to see me aside from the session to make sure I’m getting the right treatment. Can’t beat that TLC anywhere else!
— Windy: YELP LA
I’m very careful to choose a skincare professional and i’m supper happy i found someone i can really trust my skin to! Anisa is very knowledgeable, detailed, precise and careful with every procedure she does. I had a standard full body treatment done. At the beginning of the service, Anisa did a consultation and explained the condition of my skin and what she could do to help it. During the service she continued to explain every step she was doing and the products she was using.
It’s so rare nowadays to find a place where all components makes your experience relaxing, calm and enjoyable. Anisa is amazing at what she does! She also shared with me her chemistry background, and how careful she chooses product line to work with.
Besides the service i would like to mention how beautiful the design of Aeonium Clinic is! it’s gorgeous, unique and thought through for comfort and functionality.
I would highly recommend Anisa! you will get a truly professional, personal and detailed service
— Natasha: YELP LA
Let me start off with WOW! This place is fabulous in every way- you will know what I mean the minute you walk through the doors of this spa nestled in cute Ravenswood neighborhood. Very clean and the vibe is very calming. I had the 12 step facial given by June- she went over my needs, skin type and history and customized the facial best for me. Just turning 39- I am always looking to rejuvenate my skin and put the glow back in while addressing fine lines and wrinkles. During the facial, you can feel it working deeply and June explains everything to you. That night and the following evening - my skin felt tight - they informed me to expect some peeling. Once the peeling started, it ended the following day and my skin feels soooo GOOD and looks radiant! They recommend to do this facial more frequently to start and then customize your treatment plan. After one facial, I am already extremely happy with the results and can’t wait to see after the next few. Thank you! Exquisite!
— Lillian: YELP Chicago
One of the best facial experiences I’ve had! I got the 12 step facial targeting my acne and the workers there were so professional and informative! They made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. Post facial my skin felt so great and glowy. They even provided me with an after care card letting me know how to maintain and protect me skin! I can’t wait to go back!!!
— Anam: YELP Chicago
It’s day four since I received my treatment from June. The results are better than I have ever got with any other facial treatment. I will definitely be returning! As opposed to a normal facial, the NUR 12-step HI-Tech was tailored to my skin type and well worth it! Overall my experience was above and beyond, and the staff was all so friendly! Definitely check out this beautiful place and ask for June!
— Louis: GOOGLE
My NUR experience was phenomenal. I’m so happy with my skin and feel like this is the best it’s ever been. Anisa is such a sweetheart. She is generous in her hosting and professional with her work. The NUR clinic is absolutely beautiful and the ambiance is positive and very welcoming. I highly recommend it
— Rebecca: YELP Chicago
This place is such a find. I felt like Nur has such a wholistic approach to treating the skin. Anisa really took the time to get to know my particular issues and devised a treatment plan that made sense for my individual skin, rather than just having me pick something random off the menu. Loved it so much I immediately booked my second visit, something I rarely do after leaving a skincare clinic. I also LOVE that they have fully body microdermabrasion and peels. My legs need this come summer!
— Anne: GOOGLE
Such a fresh, clean design inside. My skin felt upgraded the moment I entered..! Truly a high-tech environment, with very expensive equipment and precise procedures overseen by a caring, compassionate woman.
The way I saw it, I had two options to heal my skin:
1) Avant-garde, cutting-edge care, or
2) Blood pressure drugs prescribed off label for acne
Knowing that all good things heal in time, I decided to make patience my ally and take the natural route... To me, this is real medicine, for it requires less and less of it as one gains exposure to its potency. I do not feel co-dependent on Anisa’s treatments, as I have on pharmaceutical medications in the past. Who knows how long I’d have to be put on those blood pressure meds? Crazy..! Grateful I made the right choice. My skin is thanking me too.
— Caroline: YELP Chicago
First off, the space is beautifully designed by the owners husband. It feels like you are stepping into a temple or oasis far far away. I selected the NŪR 12 STEP HI-TECH FACIAL, which I highly recommend as it includes cleansing extractions microdermabrasion chemical peels, LED therapy and a mask or two. I looked so refreshed when I left over an hour later. Highly recommend!
— Abby: YELP Chicago
What an amazing experience! I really enjoyed my 12 step process facial and she explained every treatment and procedure. I have no complaints and can’t rate my experience high enough!
— Ashley: YELP LA
Really enjoyed my experience here! I’ve been looking for a facility that offers facials with a result-driven outcome…definitely wasn’t interested in a generic spa. I received the micro-needling treatment with Anisa. She began the facial with a cleanse followed by light extractions & micro-dermabrasion. Then, she applied a numbing cream…I waited about 20 min for the cream to permeate. It only took about 5 min for her to apply the serum and go over my entire face with the micro-needling device. Anisa completed the facial by applying finishing cream.
The day following the treatment, I had some redness. Mostly small, red dots on my forehead… Nothing too harsh or noticeable. It’s been a couple of days and the redness is sub-sighting. I’ve noticed that my skin is no longer dull… It feels very soft & looks smooth. I love!! I’ll be back for my 12-step facial.
— Amber: YELP LA
I’ve gotten facials done in Taiwan before and was looking for a place in LA. I was skeptical as I haven’t always had the best experiences. I have super sensitive skin and scar fairly easily, but thought to try NUR.
Anisa was very clear about what she was doing and explained how to manage my skin after my first treatment. I have to say that I am really excited to visit her again. After my first treatment, I could already see a difference in my skin. My skin feels smoother, my pores are smaller and my acne has reduced!
I can’t wait to visit Anisa again! Definitely recommend the 12 step treatment.
— Jme: YELP LA
I’ve been getting “facials” for as long as I can remember...
After finding Anisa, I’ve realized I was seriously mistaken.
I can hardly believe it took me this long to see what a real facial is supposed to do. The results from her work, are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. She is definitely the real deal. Very knowledgeable, kind, professional and genuinely concerned with getting you the results you are looking for. She went above and beyond the call of duty offering me and my acne ravaged little face the care it needed. She did all she could do, and then some as she asked me to come back for a complimentary follow up because we ran out of time at my initial visit.
I’ve never ever had a facial that treated me to peels, masks, extractions, oxygen treatment, microdermabrasion, AND photo facial treatment AT THE SAME VISIT!
Each one of these options were always available as add ons... And the guess work was left up to me to figure out what I needed and then ask for it to be added...But not here...Nope, she knows what you need, gives it to you AND you DON’T leave her place looking like a wreck. Well, at least, I didn’t. But I’m sure I walked in there looking pretty bad. (darned 2nd trimester hormones)
The product line she uses is great, as well. My skin has never felt or looked this good and I have her to thank! I definitely wont be going anywhere else for treatment. She’s made me a loyal customer.
— SunnySunshiney: YELP LA
Aeonium and Anisa are seriously the *best* thing you can do for your skin. Over the years I’ve been to countless dermatologists, other facialists, tried products recommended to me at Sephora etc but just never got results. But after coming here I’m so happy with where my skin is at now. Anisa really gets to know you and your skin, and truly cares about both! If you are tired of not getting the results you want, definitely come here. You won’t regret it.
— Kat: YELP LA