NŪR glow & go

Anisa, Nur Skin Care

Price: $175 each
Series of 6: $850 [$142/treatment]
Time: 45 minutes/treatment
Recommended Frequency: As needed – can be done as frequently as one week
Downtime: None
Who Should Get This: Everyone, for all skin types and conditions. Can wear make-up afterward and does not interfere with social engagements

Although we generally focus on results, due to popular demand for a no-downtime party-ready facial, we created the 45 minute NŪR GLOW & GO – a quick facial designed to give you just a tad of exfoliation that’s necessary for a great glow without any of the tedious downtime. This treatment also nourishes your skin with over a hundred vitamins, peptides, minerals, antioxidants, and human stem cells and delivers the instant plumping and glowing effect with minimal time investment.

This treatment is 45 minutes and includes the following:

  1. 2x AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanse

  2. Low percentage AHA/BHA solution

  3. Basic t-zone extractions only

  4. Toner

  5. Vitamins and minerals

  6. Enzymatic treatment

  7. Hydrafacial customized serum infusion

  8. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment with human stem cells for maximum healing

  9. Gua Sha circulatory stimulation with finishing creams

  10. LED light therapy

NOTE: This treatment DOES NOT include peels, extractions, or heavy exfoliation, and is NOT RECOMMENDED for those seeking active results with conditions such as hyperpigmentation, acne, or texture/tone correction.