Price: $225 each
Series of 4: $750 [$188/treatment]
Time: 45 minutes/treatment
Downtime: No showering/washing for 4-6 hours and no harsh scrubbing for one week. The skin will generally not peel or experience minimal peeling . Not recommended for pregnant women. We recommend covering the area when outdoors for one week after the treatment to avoid direct sun exposure.

Our exfoliating back treatment focuses on deep exfoliation using a mid-strength peel and microdermabrasion on the back. We work to remove the outer layers of dry/dead skin by dissolving the bonds holding them together and gently buffing them off. We then perform extractions to remove any acne pustules and major blackheads and continue with disinfecting the skin and oxygenating while infusing with multiple vitamins and peptides to heal the skin. The result is a smooth, clear and clean back. With consecutive treatments, one can expect fewer breakouts and smoother, more even textured skin.:

  • Medium strength AHA/BHA peel

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Extractions

  • Oxygen treatment

  • Peptide Infusion