Nur Product

Price: $250 each
Series of 6: $1200 [$200/treatment]
Time: 60-75 minutes/treatment [6 month payment plan available]
Recommended Frequency: Initially, every 2 weeks for 6 treatments, then monthly
Downtime: Mild flaking or peeling after 48 hours for 2-3 days. Typically does not interfere with social engagements
Who Should Get This: Everyone, for all skin types and conditions. We focus on evening out the texture and tone, deep exfoliation, and intensely nourishing the skin with over 200 vitamins, peptides, enzymes, and minerals to assist in rapid regeneration.

This is our basic signature facial and also step 1 of our total skin transformation series, consisting of 12 different treatments in one session, using a layering technique. The layering of the various technologies, all in one treatment, is unique and requires strategy and training. The method of layering all of the most important technologies currently used in skincare into one treatment is a more controlled and proactive approach to skincare which works by causing ‘controlled trauma’ to the skin, thereby forcing it to regenerate, causing old skin to be continually replaced by new skin. The treatment works by employing a carefully devised strategy using both mechanical and chemical exfoliating techniques and infusing the skin with more than 200 different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes to target specific skin conditions and accelerate skin cell turnover. While the treatment is customized based on the client’s individual skin concerns, the following is a list of the technologies used and serves as a basic template:

  1. 2x AHA/BHA exfoliating cleanse

  2. Customized Peel

  3. Extractions

  4. Tone

  5. Diamond Tome microdermabrasion

  6. Vitamins and minerals

  7. Enzymatic treatment

  8. Hydrafacial customized serum infusion

  9. Hyperbaric oxygen treatment with human stem cells for maximum healing

  10. High Performance Retinol Treatment Mask

  11. Gua Sha circulatory stimulation

  12. LED light therapy

A series of 6 treatments, done every 2 weeks, promises noticeable improvement in texture, tone, collagen production, and the diminishing of fine lines and wrinkles. After this series, a client either graduates to step 2 of our total transformation series or, if their results are satisfactory, is put on a maintenance program of the same hi-tech treatments once every 4-6 weeks for best results. Changes in the skin are permanent but as we tell our clients, their skin is subject to the natural elements and changes within our bodies so a maintenance plan is recommended.