Price: $125 for each quarter of the face
Time: 30 minutes/treatment
Recommended Frequency: As needed
Downtime: small black pepper scabs on the surface of the skin for 3-10 days
Who Should Get This: Anyone who wants to remove small raised moles, broken capillaries, and basal cells

The Conmed Hyfrecator® is a brand name for a low-powered electrosurgical device. The hyfrecator has a large number of dermalogical uses in procedures to destroy abnormal skin tissue by the passage of an electric current through the tip of the hyfrecator as it touches the skin. Some uses are to eliminate or diminish warts, pearly penile papules, desiccation of sebaceous gland disorders, and small cosmetically unwanted superficial veins such as broken capillaries. It is also instrumental in the destruction of skin cancers such as basal cell carcinoma.

Our medical practitioner will perform the hyfrecation using a 5% lidocaine cream to numb the affected areas.

To learn more, please visit conmed.com.