Anisa, Nur Skin Care

Price: $375 each
Series of 4: $1200 [$300/treatment] 
Time: 60 minutes/treatment [6 month payment plan available]
Recommended Frequency: Monthly for 4-6 months, then 1-2 times/yr as needed
Downtime: None, just 2-3 days of mild to moderate redness
Who should get this: Aging, acne pit scars or for preventative aging

This treatment, also commonly referred to as microneedling, works by creating microscopic lesions in the skin using a gun with a stamping technique and infusing human growth factor cells into the skin during treatment. The treatment works by inducing trauma all the way to the dermis, after which the skin races to heal itself by creating new skin tissue. The growth factors increase that rate drastically and the result is a dramatic reduction of hyperpigmentation, increase in collagen, reduction in fine lines and even texture. This is a great treatment for anti-aging as well as for treating acnescarring and lesions.

The NŪR treatment consists of the following:

A double sonic AHA/BHA cleanse

Diamond Tome microdermabrasion (for exfoliation)

Stem cell microneedling treatment

Oxygen treatment (to increase the rate of healing)

A series of 4 treatments, done monthly, promises drastic improvement in tone and texture, a dramatic increase in collagen and a significant reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. After this series, the client graduates to step 3 of our total transformation series or, if results are satisfactory, is placed on a maintenance program of our hi-tech facial every 4-6 weeks.