Facial rejuvenation acupuncture

Price: $385
Series of 12: $4000[$333/treatment]
Time: 90 minutes/treatment [6 month payment plan available]

Frequency: Weekly

Our ultimate age reversal treatment is designed specifically for anyone aged 40+ or for preventative aging. This treatment combines all of the effects of the hi-tech facial (modified to work with acupuncture) for the most effective, natural, and sustainable treatment available to permanently reverse some of the effects of aging through resurfacing, regenerating skin cells, stimulating muscle memory as well as channeling the body’s Qi to provide the maximum effects of circulation and natural muscle stimulation through meridian points.

Who Should Get This: Designed for 40+ skin that does not break out frequently but may be thinning or aging/drooping and experiencing the first indications of fine lines/wrinkles and any other signs of beginning or advanced aging. The tech-facial portion will not include any peels and will include minimal extractions, and will focus on exfoliation, gentle resurfacing, vitamin infusion, enzymes, oxygen, and micro-current technology to prepare the face for permanent muscle memory stimulation via the needle placement for acupuncture portion of the treatment. This treatment is not recommended for those who are concerned with hyper-pigmentation or cystic/active acne (in this case we recommend adding the facial rejuvenation acupuncture package to the regular hi-tech facial package and scheduling the treatments on different days so the needles are not inserted the same day as the hi-tech facial since some healing time is required when using chemical peels.

What to expect: Over the course of 12 weekly sessions, expect fine lines and in some cases even deeper wrinkles diminished, puffiness and redness reduced, droopy eyelids lifted, jowls firmed and lifted, broken capillaries diminished, collagen increased, firmer muscle tone, and an overall healthier glow from increased circulation. Results are natural and lasting and are generally visibly noticeable around the sixth or seventh treatment. We consider this to be the best natural alternative to botox and fillers and minor face-lifts, achieving a permanent and lasting result. Once the series is completed, a maintenance program is recommended ranging from one treatment/month to one treatment/quarter depending on the starting point and desired results. It is important to note that the results will not be as dramatic as a face-lift or plastic surgery but will achieve a more natural and sustainable lifting and toning effect.

Contraindications: include pituitary disorders, heart disorders, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, clients with pacemakers, bleeding or bruising disorders, migraine headaches, or a herpes outbreak. While this treatment can help with some minor acne, we recommend starting with the hi-tech facial to clear the acne first.

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