Anisa, NUR, difference

We don’t have a menu full of dozens of similar-sounding treatments that you can choose from, we provide excellent customer service, and we are highly results based. We devise a highly customized regimen for you and ensure that your investment in your skin has a finite end, so that you’re not aimlessly spending to improve your skin. We monitor your progress closely through photo-documentation and promise permanent structural changes to your skin. Once you graduate from your proposed regimen onto a maintenance schedule, you choose how frequently you want treatments.

Typically when you enter a spa, you are inundated with a long list of menu items to choose from. All of the treatments sound amazing, so which do you choose? The answer is: it doesn’t matter, because the model is based on up-selling you their top services so you can add on. For example, you choose the Vitamin C facial instead of the Oxygen facial because you haven’t had your dose of Vitamin C lately so you figure, why not? Well, fear not because your technician will likely try to sell you the oxygen treatment anyway, as well as microdermabrasion, or maybe try to add on a peel, because the harsh winter months have left your skin dry and it could really use some extra exfoliation. This is because most spas and clinics operate with the same business model of having the consumer pick an option while the goal remains to up-sell any and all services possible, leaving most consumers confused about why they were given the option to choose in the first place and why they needed the particular treatments that were sold to them during their treatment.

We don’t play such games.

We believe that you, the consumer, shouldn’t be bombarded with so many choices that render you confused about the best choices for your skin. You wouldn’t expect to visit a dentist and be given a menu to choose the root canal or regular cleaning, would you? Why should your experience at a skin clinic or spa be any different?

That’s why at NŪR, we spend a lot of time during your consultation educating you about our services and we devise a highly customized regimen for you that specifically addresses your needs. Once you are on one of our packages — we use a multitude of technologies — everything that’s required for your skin to attain the goals that we have set out to achieve — whether it’s oxygen, hydro serum infusion, LED light therapy, or peels. All of it is included. No up-selling different treatments that you don’t need, no guesswork.

We walk you through, step-by-step, on your journey to achieving the best possible skin you can. We work as aggressively as you will allow us to and allow you to graduate to a maintenance plan, where you choose the frequency of visits. This saves time and money and allows you a finite end-in-sight to your skincare needs.